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Feldman Brothers Software Engineering, LLC provides a diverse range of software development services. Custom business solution development is our specialty. Our multi-platform approach ensures you get solutions with the best value. Our commitment to quality, service, and customer satisfaction is our bedrock principle.

Our clients are not software experts. They hire us to help them make good decisions about their software needs. Software development is inherently complex, but we are able to explain things in terms a non-technical person can understand. We’ll help you make an informed decision, not impress you with our technical knowledge.

The services we offer include:

  • Complete software engineering service – We perform the entire software development life cycle, providing you with the exact software solutions your organization needs.
  • À la carte software development services – We assist you with any individual phase of your own software projects where you need independent resources and a fresh outlook.
  • Software support services – We can repair, enhance, complete, or refactor your existing software projects.
  • Consulting services – We help you analyze your company's software and information technology needs and priorities.
  • Feasibility studies – We perform a thorough and detailed analysis of your proposed project to determine detailed cost and return estimates.
  • Software contracting administration – We develop detailed contract specifications and a request for proposals for software to meet your needs. We can also provide a list of potential contractors. Once all bids are received, we help you to make a final selection by reviewing the submitted bids, summarizing their strengths and weaknesses and ranking them by value.
  • Requirements development and documentation - We analyze your needs and produce a formal, detailed description of functional and quality requirements that must be met by an applicable software solution. This document can be used for requesting bids or for approval and performance testing.
  • Risk analysis – We identify failure modes and quantify hazard levels related to software and its implementation. The risk analysis is useful for identifying design deficiencies, designing test cases, and developing documentation and training programs.
  • Software architecture design and review – We use your software requirements to determine an appropriate architectural design or to review your existing design.
  • User interface design – We use your software requirements to determine an appropriate user interface design or to review your existing design. Our extensive experience and education in software design allows us to identify critical aspects of software design that have a major impact on usability and efficiency.
  • Coding – We use industry standard coding techniques to write robust, reliable, efficient, and maintainable code.
  • Code review – Careful manual or automated reading of code for identification of errors and opportunities for improvement.
  • Unit testing – We design, create, perform, and document a comprehensive, priority-based unit testing system for your software solutions.
  • Integration testing – We design, create, perform, and document an integration testing program for your software that helps you to ensure that you identify and correct the greatest percentage of the most significant defects in your software.
  • Beta testing program administration – We run a complete beta testing program for you, including developing a beta software testing agreement, selecting beta testers, training operators, monitoring sites, collecting and analyzing results, and documenting all findings.
  • Documentation – We produce detailed documentation based on your needs. Popular documents include user and training manuals, software release notes, and design overviews.
  • Implementation strategies – We help you to efficiently implement your new software solutions by documenting a step-by-step process that maximizes benefits and minimizes disruption.
  • Deployment – As part of an overall implementation strategy, we assist with the physical deployment of software, including hardware and software installations.
  • Training – We design training materials and optionally conduct training sessions to help your employees to use new software releases to maximum advantage.
  • Maintenance – We provide ongoing, comprehensive support services for servicing all aspects of software written by ourselves or by others.

Some of our specialties include:

  • User interface design
  • Image analysis
  • Neural networks
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Refactoring


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